Locally Owned Lawn Care With Local Roots

The owners have over 30 years of experience in the Turf-grass industry, and were born and raised in the Twin Cities. We have extensive experience in maintaining the highest level of turf in the country and world, such as PGA event golf courses, NCAA football fields, and numerous other professional sports stadiums. We also have experience managing local lawns, and helping other local lawn care companies improve their service to their clientele. The basis for the owners’ extensive plant knowledge stems from undergraduate degrees in horticulture and masters degrees in Turf-grass science. We are proud to have provided our growing families with safer, healthy lawns. Combining this experience and knowledge we will bring you the highest quality lawn care using healthy options for you and your family, just as we do for our own family.

What is a Healthy Grass Lawn?

It is the first part you see when you get home and the last part you worry about when your family is using it. With masters degrees in Turf-grass management and over 30 years of experience, Healthy Grass uses the lowest impact and most effective products for a healthy, green, and weed free lawns. Our complete focus is on making your outdoor spaces enjoyable by reducing allergen inducing weeds, biting insects and soil hardness. We provide a full lawn consultation to every customer. This is the same level of consultation that Healthy Grass’s owners have provided to world renown sporting venues. This includes our exclusive Healthy Grass Safer process as well as recommendations on mowing heights, mowing frequency, irrigation amount and frequency, play areas, garden location, and other recommendations for how you wish to use your lawn. All of this insures you have the healthiest lawn with the least amount of effort.