Healthy Grass Lawn Care

A thick, healthy lawn is the best defense to pests, weeds and environmental problems. An actively growing lawn does not provide space for weeds to grow, recovers quickly from pest damage, and absorbs nutrients and rainwater to limit environmental damage. At Healthy Grass, our lawn care services and mosquito control are directed towards making your lawn its healthiest, so we can minimize the chemicals used on your property

What lawn services do we offer?

Fertilization: We use a custom blended, organic base fertilizer that provides nutrients to your lawn and soil. Our standard program provides fertilizer five times throughout the season to minimize environmental harm and maximize growth.

Crabgrass weed control: We use pre-emergent control products to prevent this troublesome weed from taking over your lawn. Crabgrass is not desirable because it is an annual, thus it dies every year leading to continuous weed problems.

Broadleaf weed control: Our focus is on complete control of all weeds, especially pollen inducing weeds such as ragweed. The products we use will also control dandelion, ground ivy/creeping charlie and clover. The products we use are 10 to 100 times safer than common products used in lawn care. Even though they are safer, our ability to identify weeds ensures complete weed control.

Insect control: We use specialized insecticides for lawn pests, such as grubs and chinch bugs. This reduces risk to beneficial insects including bees, while still providing control of damaging pests.

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